PC Software RAD-KEY

RAD-KEY software functions:

Establishing cooperation between a weighing instrument and a computer:
- replacing a comma with a dot (useful when exporting data to Excel spreadsheet);
- Hot key (i.e. function keys from F1 to F12) triggering mass readout from a weighing instrument;
- data acquired from a weighing instrument are read as text or numeric values.

Product folder
RAD-KEY - freeware


Compatible with:
Ultra-microbalances UYA 3YMass comparators WAY 1200.3Y.KO
Microbalances MYA 3YMass comparators APP 3Y.KO
Microbalances MYA 3Y.PMass comparators XA 3Y.KB
Microbalances MYA 3Y.FMass comparators APP 64.3Y.KO
Analytical balances XA 3YMass comparators WPY/KB
Analytical balances XA 3Y.APlatform scales WPY
Analytical balances XA 3Y.FPlatform scales WPT/C
Analytical balances AS 3YWaterproof platform scales WPT/H
Analytical balance XA/2XWaterproof platform scales WPT/H/R
Analytical balances AS/XMultifunctional scales WPW
AS R analytical balancesControl scales WPW/T/H/FH
Precision balances PS 3YControl scales WPW/T/HR/FH
Precision balances WLYMultifunctional scales WPW/H
Precision balances APP 3Y4 Load cell mild steel scales WPT/4C
Precision balances PS/X4 load cell stainless steel scale WPT/4H
PS R1 precision balances4 load cell stainless steel scale pit version WPT/4H/Z
PS R2 precision balancesRamp scales WPT/4N
PS R2.H precision balancesPallet scales WPT/4P
APP R precision balances
Precision balances WLCStainless steel pallet scales WPT/4PH
Precision balances WLC/C/2Beam scales WPT/4P2
Precision balances WTBStainless steel beam scales WPT/4P2H
Balances for pharmacy WLC/C/2Livestock scales WPT/4I
Balances for pharmacy PS/XOverhead track scales WPT/2K
Balances for pharmacy PS R2Personal scale WPT/O
Carat balances PS R.CTBaby scales WPT/D
Carat balances WTB/AUChair scales WPT/4K
Balances for cereals density PS/X/GBed scales WPT/4B
Moisture analyzers MA 3YRamps bed scales WPT/8B
Moisture analyzers MAXBalances for control of packaged goods PS 3Y
Moisture analyzers MACBalances for control of packaged goods WLY
Mass comparators UYA 3Y.KOBalances for control of packaged goods WPY
Mass comparators WAY 3Y.KO 
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